A Green School, A Better School

Working to make a place energy efficient and green is something that not all people may be aware of how to go about. The Rochester City School District has been taking steps towards making this happen within their schools.

A few years ago, staff from all over the district were brought together to learn the importance of green and environmentally friendly practices in a school. They were taught the benefits of both in and out of school green practices. Because energy touches a part of everyone’s life, it is important to conserve it. The staff was given a lot of tips and ideas on how they can their students can conserve energy in school. Turning off lights when they are not in use and shutting off computer monitors are just a few simple things that can be done.

Some schools have formed teams of students and staff that meet on a regular basis to discuss new and innovative ways to conserve energy. Weekly investigations of classrooms allow them to constantly monitor the practices in each school and help to improve the ways they do so.

Other schools have done simple tasks such as posting reminders to students to limit the water and cleaning supplies they use, as well as picking up old footwear for recycling purposes.

Students can do such little things to make a huge impact on their school and on the environment. These schools provide the community with a great example of students and teachers working together to make a change for the better.

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