A Gift to Share – A Child Making a Change

Many children ask for certain things by the time their birthdays come around. From bikes to dollhouses and video games, the lists can go on and on for days! Although many of these items include material things, some children have a different list of birthday ideas.

Nathan Hidajat, a second grader at St. Cecilia School in Iowa, has something different planned for his recent eighth birthday. He is dedicating his birthday to a campaign to raise money to get people clean water. His goal of $1000 is to help 50 people have clean water for the next 20 years. Instead of a party or gifts, he is asking for donations to the cause.

Donors will see their name on the Donors page of the website that Nathan’s parents helped him make. They will also receive a signed picture from Nathan, mailed using stamps from his own savings. With just $20, you can help give one person clean water for the next 20 years!

In his plan, he states that for every $100 of his goal reached, he will play the piano, another passion along with drawing, at the retirement home in his area. The Proof page has all the drawings and videos of the piano performances that Nathan has done.

As Nathan’s birthday has passed, so has the goal for his donations. After giving over 28 people clean water, Nathan continually raises his goal, with hopes of helping out more and more people.

This is a great example of how a little bit can go a long way. This young child is already passing on his generosity and kindness to the people around him. More acts like this in the world will hopefully make a lot more people more generous too! What can you do to help?

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