A Game is a Game for Children!

Technology is one of those things in this world that is constantly changing. From tools we use at our house, to things we use in school and the types of entertainment we enjoy, there is always a latest and greatest version of something.

Video games are something that has been around for quite some time now. Kids love to play these games that take them into a different world or time. They use creativity and imagination to take children to somewhere they could never imagine. Games these days have 3-D graphics, wild animations and other effects that really grab the attention of kids. They have come a long way from the original games of basic concepts and animations.

This video presents a humorous viewpoint of what today’s children think of the original video games. There were no fancy graphics or visuals in these games, yet children at that time were hooked, just like they are today.

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The children can understand all the original video games. They seem to get the basic concepts and object of the games, but they find most of them boring. They even compare some of the games to ones that they have played, even educational versions of these classic games. The adults go on about joking about how video games are more fun than reading books.

The basic point of this video is that kids love video games. Even if they think they are boring or not as exciting as some of the others that are out there, they will play them because it is something they consider fun.

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