A Fight To End Cyber Bullying! – Facebook & Shakespeare Join Forces!

Cyber bullying is, unfortunately, something that occurs all over the world, almost every day. Thousands of children become victims of the mean words and hurtful statements from others. There are many campaigns, organizations and other groups that work hard to spread the word about the importance in putting an end to cyber bullying. Many influential people and organizations have been getting involved to take a stand.

Since Shakespeare is one of the most recognized authors of all time, Facebook has dedicated a page to one of his stories, Much Ado About Nothing. Weekly Reader and the Ophelia Project, along with White Plain’s High School, is re-enacting this play – on Facebook! Below is a funny video from Flocabulary, explaining the plot of the story through a rap.

The page will have status updates, posts, pictures and videos, all created by students. Characters will have their own pages, full of bios, info, likes, etc. Using Facebook to bring these characters to life, combines social media as the tool in fighting cyber bullying. In addition, the play, which revolves around issues of gossip and verbal abuse, is a perfect demonstration of the effects of such acts and behaviors.

The way this play is being presented can gain national attention from students everywhere. The characters in the story will be interacting on Facebook, much like students elsewhere.  They will be exposed to literature, while learning important lessons and morals.

Characters will be responding to viewer comments and questions, engaging children in a whole new way. In addition, hosting this event on a place where cyber bullying actually happens will give children another perspective on what they are exposing on the Internet.

Those who want to use this as another resource can check out the Tumblr blog where the entire play will be posted.

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