A Challenge to Change – Importance of Technology Education

Over the summer months, many parents and educators may be taking a break from the classroom and finding new tools or tips to use with their kids, but there are plenty of people in the field that are continuously working to improve the ways we will soon be teaching and learning.

This video highlights how important it is to work to incorporate technology. It brings up the idea of “locking” kids into a room with an adult all day, with hopes that this is the best possible way for them to learn and get an education. With so many advances and room for opportunities, this traditional way of learning can slowly be molded into something greater.

With all the advances in technology, tools and other ways of learning, it is important that we move from this “one-room” schoolhouse to a “one-world” schoolhouse. With Skype, email, Twitter and other forms of connecting with people around the world, there is an endless amount of possibilities.

Since no two children think or learn alike, infusing their education with different types of tools and learning instruments can keep them more interested and informed.

By remaining up-to-date and informed about the latest technologies, educators will constantly be using their knowledge to pass onto their kids. The more they use and incorporate technology, the more the children will, too. By remaining relevant to the latest changes and advances in society, educators can deliver the best and prepare students for the future.

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