A Better Lesson to Learn!

The greatest thing about being a part of and having a social network is how much you get to learn from those who are also participating in this process. Educators are often part of their own personal learning networks where they frequently communicate and share ideas with others in their related field or interested subjects.

Social networking sites and other resources are available for teachers to learn from one another. Better Lesson is a site for educators where they can upload and download different lessons and activities that they or others have successfully used.

All you have to do is set up an account with whatever grade level or subject matter that you are interested in. Parents may find this website a great resource of information to use when they need ideas on projects and other assignments that they may want to use with their own kids. The video below shows more information about this informational resource.

An Introduction to BetterLesson from BetterLesson on Vimeo.

Once your account is created, you can then search the site for lesson plans, classroom materials and other resources that you can use from real educators. You are also able to browse and view presentations, complete lessons and units. This is a great place for you to share and obtain ideas and other information from others in the education field. It is such an easy way for you to connect with other educators, not only in your area, but anywhere all over the world!

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