Welcome to a New World! Virtual Worlds for Kids!

Kids can spend a lot of time on the computer. From playing games, to reading about interesting topics and chatting with other children who are just like them, there are so many things to do. What if they could do all of these things in the same place?

Virtual worlds for kids are a safe and fun environment where kids can learn to interact on the computer and with others who are just like them. Here is a list of some virtual worlds that are kid-friendly and fun!



All Barbie girls can get together here! You can create and decorate your own virtual rooms. You can design your character and then play games earn “B Bucks”, chat with your friends and so much more! VIPs can get exclusive games and access to secret areas, too!

Beast Quest

Be a part of your very own tribe! Based off the Beast Quest book series, you can login and help fight the beasts with the help of magic. Users can read up about information on beasts and learn how to fight off using magic powers and tools. You can also play games, take quizzes, and play with a virtual pet!


Just like the store in the mall where kids can build they very own stuffed bears, follow the directions to create your own character, complete with skin color, hair style, clothing and over 200,000 options! Use your character to go around the town, play games, chat and interact with everyone else. You can then bring your furry friend alive online!


Welcome to the world of Chobots! This is a place where you can chat and party with friends, play collaborative games, collect over 500 different items and more! With Chobots, 24/7 Live Moderation combined with innovative technological solutions keeps things safe and fun!

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