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Thinkfinity is a website with thousands of free lesson plans and educational resources for educators. Sponsored by the Verizon Foundation, this site aims to deliver powerful education and literacy tools to educators and parents. The goal is to improve learning and achievement with high-quality resources.


All of Thinkfinity’s 55,000 pieces of content that are created for this site have been approved by leaders in the education and literacy fields. With the help of some sponsors like the Council for Economic Education and the National Council of Teachers of English and Mathematics, the free resources are of high-quality and aligned to standards for K-12. They are also constantly updated to ensure they are accurate, up-to-date and unbiased for children.

There are also links to so much information on specific topics of lessons and subjects. The site is very educator-focused and offers so many possibilities for parents and teachers. From grade-specific lesson plans to interactive activities and other online resources, there are so many opportunities to enhance learning. There are links to homework help for kids and also suggested book lists and activities for afterschool programs.

There are also professional development programs in local areas that provide tools and materials they to find great online resources and help educators work with others to create great lesson plans and activities for the children.

By using technology to find the latest and greatest in educational resources, Thinkfinity offers some great learning opportunities for parents and children.

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