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Episode 46 – 2.11.2011

The History for Music Lovers YouTube Channel

  • A lot of students create songs, poems or other forms of memorization tools that will help them learn and remember important facts or information that they are learning in school.
  • Collection if high quality music videos that deal with historical events, use a lot of current music from some of the most popular artists. Using the song, they have recreated the lyrics, set to the stories and events from history.
  • Some of the videos include The French Revolution done to “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, “Mummification” done to “Good Riddance” by Green Day, Chinese Dynasties done to “Vogue” by Madonna and so many more!
  • Each video also has the lyrics on the screen, so kids can read along to it, embedded into presentations, so students can share and present different songs for different history units.

Home Page High School

  • Students carry a laptop instead of textbooks at Hudson High School in NYC.
  • Pilot program to implement new methods of digital learning.

Games From Twitter Apps

  • PopTweets
  • Super Twario
  • Tweet Defense
  • Twit Cross

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