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Neo K12 is a great source for online educational videos, lessons and games for kids. This site offers the best free online educational videos all in one place. The videos are watched and reviewed by real educators to make sure they are appropriate for all children.

Videos range in topics like physical science, earth and space, math and English. The English videos include phonics, stories and grammar. These are great for helping kids visualize ideas and create new ones in their minds. There is a featured video each day.

The site also offers Web 2.0 tools like the School Presentation tool that allows educators to share and create presentations online. Interactive quizzes and puzzles are also offered to help children with their learning. These are arranged by grade level for easier searching.

Users are also allowed to create their own quizzes to be shared with other users. Teacher accounts allow for the creation of assignments including instructions and notes that children can use for that particular lesson.

Children will enjoy this site because they can take enjoyment in watching the videos and playing the games that go along with them. Many of the games and puzzles would be perfect for using with an interactive whiteboard. Parents can use other games and activities to engage children and encourage learning.

Whatever subject or topic you are looking to teach, you are sure to find it at Neo K12. It is a great site for kids of all ages.

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