Multiply the Fun – 5 Games for Learning Times Tables

Math can often be a challenging topic for many kids. When learning the rules of multiplication and times tables, it is important that they learn the numbers and pairings that make each own work. These games present times tables in a fun and unique way for children to learn and remember.


Table Trees

This is a quick and fun game that allows kids to practice their times tables. Deigned by kids from Ambleside C.E. Primary School, you can select from a group of times tables ranging from 2 to 12. Once you click on the tree, you will be given different multiplication problems involving that set of numbers. Simply fill in the gap and you can check to see if you answered correctly!

Scribble Square

This is another quick tool that you can use in many different ways. You can scribble all over this set of numbers. Children can mark patterns, instances of a certain number, factors, or other sets of patterns with numbers. It is easy to clear and you can use it over and over again for different activities.

Math Lines: xFactor

This fun arcade-like game allows you to select what number you want to work with. Once you choose the number, shoot the number that will get you to that total by using multiplication. This is a great way to get kids thinking about pairing up numbers to get the correct totals while having a fun way of achieving it!

This is a great site that brings you tons of free interactive math games. There are always new games added, but there are enough to help kids practice their times tables. Fun themes like ice cream, animals and cars allow students to have fun and enjoy what they are doing. There are also other sections on addition and division.

Mission Times Tables Challenge

This game is set up just like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? A multiplication question is presented and you have to answer by choosing from the list of answers. If you get stuck, you can get help by asking an astronaut, polling the “audience” or eliminating half of the choices. Answer as many as you can to climb in status until you reach the stars!

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