Let Your Little Ones Tell a Story with Little Bird Tales!

Storytelling is such a great way for kids to express their creative side and let their imagination run wild! This can be done in many forms, including pictures, words and voices. Many parents love to hear stories that their children create. It is a wonderful activity that sometimes can be saved for memories.

Little Bird Tales is a site that can help preserve some of those memories. It is truly an innovative way to capture your child’s voice and imagination that you can share with your loved ones. It is an easy and fun way to create digital stories.

On this site, users will get the chance to walk through the steps of creating a story. They can upload images, draw their own or even record videos from the computer’s webcam. The stories can even be written with text or narrated with a microphone. The video below has details on the whole process!

This site is a perfect tool to have younger children use to create fictional stories to share. They can even use real images of their family, friends or pets to tell real stories about the things that are most important in their lives.

Little Bird Tales is dedicated to providing a safe web environment for children, as their site is free of advertising, merchandising and links to other sites. Another great thing about the site is that they also have a big concern for the environment. They  provide parents with a “green” alternative to how they share and distribute keepsakes, while also contributing to organizations that help the environment, animals, schools and in general make the earth a healthier and happier place for everyone!

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