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In order to keep up with the demands of being one of the most popular websites in the world, Facebook has recently released a new page creation option, the Community Page. This option is designed to support topics, causes and ‘unofficial’ pages created about companies, brands and public figures, but not directly by them.

facebook community page

The community pages are much like the business pages except if a community page becomes very popular, Facebook will take over the page, making it a public wiki.

More Options = More Confusion?

Although the community pages may help eliminate the confusion with official and unofficial business pages and build community and interaction among Facebook users, the extra option of a page may also confuse a lot of people.

There seems to be a great deal of confusion over the differentiation between the Pages and Groups. Groups were created to give users a place talk about a topic. Pages were like Groups but were intended to promote brands, public figures, commercial entities, celebrities, politicians and other important issues.

Community Education for Educators

Community Pages are intended for when the page isn’t for a company, brand, or public figure, as well as for when they are not an official spokesperson for that organization. A community page may be a great option for parents and educators who want to share and express ideas with other professionals in their field. Educators may find this useful to keep parents informed about their classrooms. You can link twitter accounts and see how your friends or fans are interacting with your posts.

I definitely see the confusion with all the different pages and options you can create on Facebook, but I think the community pages will live up to its name by helping strengthen the community. Educators can build their own communities within their classrooms and schools. Here, parents and teachers can stay informed about what is going on. Adding quizzes, polls, discussions and other factors can help strengthen the classroom as a whole.

Issues that may arise in the school system or among teachers may end up helping create a new Facebook community page. If these issues gets so much popularity that it is taken over by Facebook, this offers more opportunities for public attention and involvement. If an issue is that important, any extra attention to it will only help.

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