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learning activitiesThe KidsKnowIt Network is a website that started as an elementary teacher’s classroom site. The ultimate goal of this site is to offer tools that can be used for teaching – for free.

Sometimes kids have a lot of free time. Instead of spending it watching television or doing unproductive activities, this site serves as a portal for educational fun. The site provides free access to tons of educational tools. With the help of real teaches, mothers and volunteers, this site is always updated with new features and material. Teachers and parents have also spent time helping develop new projects and material to ensure that the site is age appropriate.

You can search the site for resources in topics like Astronomy, Biology, Geography, Geology, Math, Memory and Spelling. There are featured historical quotes, facts and lessons all on the home page. Free interactive games are a popular item on the site, too. St. Pat’s Math Adventure Game, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, is a popular math game. In this fun adventure, both math skills and video game play skills are presented. In the world of St. Patricus, you are a villager that must help recover the stolen flags. To remove the evil spell you must solve the math riddles that are presented.

Free educational movies cover a variety of topics. Each movie ends with an interactive online quiz and new movies are added weekly. These are great for reinforcement after teaching lessons.

Fun and educational games, activities, worksheets, free online classes, and much more are all offered here to help make learning fun.

The owner of the site believes that great education should be fun and free and should not be restricted to only those who can afford it. With the power of the Internet, anyone can access these resources. This site definitely lives up to its mission.

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