A Slideshow Worth a Thousand Words – Classroom Tools

With so many new ways to show kids a different way of learning, why not give them a different way of teaching?


Photo Peach is a great web based site for making slideshows online. With this site, you can quickly create a slideshow with a two-way commenting right for each photo in the show. There are also great features on the shows like pausing, zooming comments, sound-effect smilies and music so you can make your story come to life.

Parents will love this site as a way to present information and lessons in a new way. You start creating a slideshow by uploading pictures from your albums, computer or anywhere else you can get them from. You can create up to 30 slides for free. Next, you can arrange the photos in whatever order you would like. Adding a title to the slideshow will also let you add music. You can even find a song from Youtube without even leaving the site.

Once you have finished editing your slideshow, you can embed it into your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also share your “peaches” with your group of friends on the site.

Photo Peach has its own Twitter account, as well as a blog full of helpful information. It is a great tool for parents who want to digitally tell and share a story. The sharing feature is also great if you want to show off your class projects and lessons to parents and other educators!

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