5 Content-Rich Activities and Resources for Women’s History Month

Every child deserves an equal opportunity education with access to inspiration and role models. March is Women’s History Month, a time for celebrating the diverse and historic accomplishments of women. Your curriculum should always include a healthy balance of the contributions of women. The resources below will help you incorporate women’s history into your curriculum in March or anytime of the year.


1. Incorporate Women’s History Month into your curriculum with these resources brought to you by The Library of Congress. Looking for primary sources? This site includes ready-to-use lesson plans, student activities, exhibitions, presentations, collection guides, and research aids.

2. Empower your children to create a Women’s History Month bulletin board or website. These three award-winning Women’s History Month websites below were all created by children. Their goal? To create materials that presented a full account of women’s contributions to their societies and communities.

Children’s Encyclopedia of Women
Women in Science Web site

3. Celebrate with Scholastic. The website offers tons of great resources for Women’s History Month.

• Take your children on a Women’s History Webquest.
• Play a Women’s History Math Game. Discover the women who shaped history while practicing math. Each story of famous female astronauts, athletes, or leaders holds key information that will help students solve a math question and earn points.
• View more scholastic interactive lessons and activities here.

4. Tune into the History Channel’s Women’s History Month Web Exhibit. Listen to Gloria Steinem’s address the NWPC or watch video clips from important events in Women’s History.

5. Browse the articles, film clips, photographs, and audio records at The Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Womens History.
Engaging learning activities with examples, teaching guides, and lesson plans are also available.

Looking for more resources? This site includes a long list of teacher resources for Women’s History Month.

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