4 Spooktacular Halloween Sites for Kids!

With Halloween approaching at the end of the week, kids are putting the final touches on their costumes, candy and other fun events that are planned for this week. Many parents love to incorporate the holidays into their lessons. Since Halloween is such a fun and exciting time for many kids, using educational sites themed around this holiday is a fun way to let kids have fun and celebrate Halloween while they learn and practice skills. Here is a list of 4 educational sites that are all Halloween related! Use them to give kids another treat this Halloween!


Ben & Jerry’s Spooky Halloween Site – Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, a favorite to many children, have their very own Halloween site. This interactive world allows children to click around a spooky mansion and explore. With information on the history of Halloween, games, crafts, printables and more, kids will have a spooky time exploring this site!

Blackdog’s Halloween Party – This site has over 20 interactive Halloween games for kids. Fun links like Halloween riddles, word searches and hangman games are also great to use with your classroom as a whole. In addition to all these great activities, you can read about Halloween safety tips and other information that can help make your Halloween even better.

Halloween with Boowa and Kwala – This site is based on the books featuring Boowa and Kwala. These colorful characters will instantly attract almost any user. There are 4 hidden games on the home screen of the site. Clicking on them will bring you to a colorful page where you can play fun games or activities with the site’s characters.

The Kidz Page – This site is full of free kids games and activities. With categories of all major holidays, there are tons of Halloween goodies that you can use with your kids. Halloween themed games and activities are all available for them to play. There are also links to other fun activities like pumpkin dress up and costume dress up. There are even links for teachers to print clip art, coloring pages and other fun resources!

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