3 Types of Web-based Instructional Activities (w/examples)

Now that you have read 5 Questions for Planning Successful Web-based Activities and done the necessary mind work to set your children up for success, you may be thinking, “Great… now where do I start?” as you begin creating web-based activities for your children. Here are some types and examples of web-based lessons and projects.

3 Types of Web-Based Projects (w/ examples)

1. Interpersonal Exchanges

2. Information Collection and Analysis

  • Webquests (example)
  • Individual and Collaborative Research/Learning Projects (example)
  • Real Life Data Analysis (example)
  • Scavenger Hunts (example)

3. Problem Solving

  • Problem Based Learning (example)
  • Collaborative and Parallel Problem Solving (example)
  • Simulated Activities (example)
  • Social Action Projects (example)

Know any other great sites for web-based projects? Please share!

Lists are based on those outlined in Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching by M. D. Roblyer.

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