3 Informational E-Books for Educators

With all the great resources, websites, articles and other helpful information for educators, it may sometimes be hard to keep track of all these items. Thankfully, e-books have recently been popularized as a way to give educators these educational tools and tips they want and need to help children learn. The best part about these books is that they can be read online, downloaded, printed or just saved for later. What better a way to integrate technology than to start by doing it yourself. Here are a few e-books that will be sure to help integrate technology and prepare children for the future.


The Beginner’s Guide to 21st Century Teaching and Learning – For most teachers, there are always questions on what to do with certain tools, how to incorporate them into a lesson or what new and unique ways they can use to teach a certain topic. This e-book is perfect for both new and experienced teachers. It will help you understand the importance of technology and how it can simply be applied into the classroom. From websites for learning, to new twists on traditional lessons, this e-book can truly help bring any teacher into the 21st century.

Podcasts Made Simple – Audio and video podcasts are excellent tools to bring into a classroom. For those students who enjoy hearing and/or seeing information, they can be a good learning tool. Some teachers may be hesitant behind a camera or microphone if they are not completely sure how to operate this type of equipment. Some people fail to see is that podcasting is a simple task that can be done with little equipment. It can also be a way to connect and share with educators and other professionals around the world. This e-book will give you information on what to do, what you’ll need and how to share and learn from others!

Professional Learning Networks – Many teachers are used to sharing and learning from other educators at their school and in their local districts. With the power of the Internet and technology, teachers can build their professional learning networks to expand beyond their immediate area. It has never been easier to connect with someone who does the same thing as you in a completely different country, halfway around the world! You will also learn about the sites you can use to connect with these people, as well as other groups and forums you can join to educate yourself and others!

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