3 Education Articles to Start the Week | Sports, Plagiarism & Twitter

Here are some of the informational and educational articles that caught my attention this week. From schools fighting for rights to equality, to teaching students about the consequences of plagiarism, they articles highlight some hard work and effort schools are putting forth. With additional advances in technology and social media, these articles highlight some of the most interesting articles of the week.

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Cheerleading may not be a sport, but it is an industry – A federal judge in Connecticut ruled that traditional cheerleading is not an official sport, and schools wouldn’t meet Title IX gender-equity requirements. Because cheerleading is such an expensive activity, many schools are fighting for their chance at equal treatment.

Lines on Plagiarism Blur for Students in the Digital Age – For students who are plagiarizing in school, many teachers are not taking such serious actions as they need to. With the ease of digital technology, it is simpler to just copy work from someone on the Internet and turn it in as an assignment. If taught at an earlier age, students are less likely to take another person’s work and use it as their own.

Twitter scientist’s startup school to open – The chief scientist at Twitter has decided to make a school with six other founding families. They found a building, hired a head of school, brought in teachers and started looking for students to attend. Math, science and art will be an integral part of the school and it will have its own Twitter feed.

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