3 Education Articles to Start the Week | Media Ban, Bullying & Video Games

Here are some of the informational and educational articles that caught my attention last week. These articles discuss the ideas for a social media ban in schools, awareness of bullying as well as the use of video games in education. The articles highlight some of the changes and advances of many schools and forms of education.


Shutdown Shot Down – Inside Higher Ed – The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology blocked access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and AOL Instant Messenger on its campus wireless network for one week. They wanted to make students, faculty, and staff reflect on the role social media in their lives. For the student and staff with smart phones, they could still easily view these sites. Some felt they got more work done while others were not in favor of this ban.

Not in Our Schools: New Media Tools Help Schools Confront Hate – Not in Our School, stemmed from the Not in Our Town initiative, has resources to guide classroom discussions and gives examples from across the country. It challenges students to tell their own stories about building respectful learning environments. This can help decrease harmful effects and events of bullying help build a healthy environment for all students and help teachers and students do activities to promote awareness.

Video Games Win a Beachhead in the Classroom – Many teachers and schools are picking up on the idea that digital games are central to the lives of today’s children and their capability to grow. They can serve as powerful tools for learning and education. By disguising lessons as games, many children are more inclined to pay attention and retain what material has been taught to them. Technology is quickly making it easier and more efficient for students to learn this way.

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