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Here are some of the informational and educational articles that caught my attention this week. These articles discuss the need in better our children and the resources they use to better prepare themselves for the future. The articles highlight some of the things schools around the country are already doing in and preparing students for some of those changes.


Chefs help craft healthier school lunches with local food – Chef Geraci has changed school meals in Baltimore, where about 88% of children receive free or reduced-cost lunches. He serves only Maryland-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, buys healthful fare from food suppliers and offers meatless Mondays. He even started a 33-acre self-sustaining farm where produce goes to schools and is also sold to local restaurants to support the project. Many other chefs across the country are signing up for the government’s Chefs Move to Schools initiative to encourage culinary experts to share their expertise with local schools.

Public Media’s Impact on Young Readers – Children from low-income families usually have little access to books, magazines, or reading materials. If they do, it is usually much less high-quality materials. They are also given less opportunities to visit libraries, hear conversations and practice their literacy skills. All children should have the chance to practice these skills so that they do not fall behind upon entering school.

WiFi To Go: Middle Schoolers To Receive Mobile Hotspots – Many middle school students in Hawaii will receive mobile devices that allow them to carry WiFi hotspots with them wherever they go. This will act as a bridge for devices like laptops, tablets, and media players to connect to the Internet via standard WiFi. Teachers will have new ways to capture student work, and improve achievement with these new technologies.

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