10 Ways to Use Facebook as a Learning Tool

Facebook has begun to surpass Google in weekly traffic. Everyone knows how to use Facebook to find old friends or connect with family, but how can educators use it as a learning tool? A recent blog post from onlinecollege.org lists 100 ways educators can use Facebook. I have highlighted the best projects below that are most applicable to k-12 students.

1. Book Reviews
2. Writer’s Workshop
3. Journal Entries/Blogs

Children can use the Notes section to post book reviews for other kids to read or educators to grade, access each other’s papers for peer reviews, or simply maintain online journal entries or blogs allowing other kids to respond and react.

4. Literature Responses

Children can create facebook representation of works of literature or any unit of knowledge they are learning about. Click here to view an example assignment.

5. Follow News Feeds and Current Events
6. Create a News Source for the Classroom

Kids can keep up with news like World News Webcast that provides video clips of world news, share their favorite stories to their wall, and respond to classmates’ news of interest. Kids can also use their status update feed as a breaking news source for sports results, academic competition results, school news and events.

7. Poll Your Children

You can poll your kids using an interactive Poll app for Facebook. Your kids can also poll classmates to generate real life data for data analysis, to write reports, or simply to get to know their peers better.

8. Practice Reading Skills with Facebook Games

Knighthood promotes strong reading skills. Click here to see how a teacher used this game with her ESL children.

9. Engage in a Challenge

Microsoft, Ikea, and other large corporations often present Facebook challenges for kids to solve problems or create new materials for their businesses. Engage your kids in applying their skills in these real world opportunities.

10. Practice a Foreign Language

Children learning a new language can interact with native speakers through language groups or fan page opportunities.

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