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Episode 54 – 4.8.2011

Lebron James Cartoon for Kids

  • Basketball stars and other athletes are great role models for young children, representing health, dedication and success in their sport of interest.
  • Lebron James has a new 10-part animated web series, The LeBrons, that provides positive messages to today’s youth.
  • The show will feature Lebron in four different stages. There will be the “kid” which is the protagonist, the “athlete” which is the basketball star “business” which is the professional and “wise” the grandfather-like character.
  • The series is featured on the Youtube Channel. All the episodes feature lessons that will teach respect and the importance of school to children. There are some guest stars appearances from famous music artists.
  • Since Lebron is a big supporter of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, a portion of the proceeds from the show will go to buying computers for many of the centers around the country.

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