1, 2, 3. Math Resources for Free!

When it comes to finding math resources for children, it is sometimes a little harder than 1, 2, 3. For parents who want to find great resources that won’t cost them a penny, here are some websites where you can find math resources and activities for free!

tesselation creator Tessellation Creator

For educators experimenting with a unit in tessellations, this site from Learning Today and NCTM will prove very useful. With the ease of the click-and-drag option of shapes, you can form tessellations as the sides of shapes are dragged close to each other and the shapes snap together. With a scroll bar you can view different parts of the canvas. Buttons that can be used include an eraser, rotate, zoom, copy, hammer, paint and clear. This tool is perfect for exploring repeating patterns using polygons.

Maths Zone

This site is based on math lessons from primary schools in the United Kingdom. They list key objectives for the grade levels recommended. Some objectives are directly linked to related math games or activities. With dozens of other math-based resources, you can let your children browse the site to find something educational and of interest.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

This resource for math terms and visual aides was started by an Australian K-6 teacher. In addition to math activities, it includes terms, definitions, and visual aides. This site provides clear definitions of the sometimes complicated math terms. With its over 400 definitions there is also a diagram or interactive activity or game to help students visually see the term’s definition. By combining definitions with basic skills, children can better understand meanings of these terms.

Math Curriculum and Math Games by Smart Tutor

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